Death toll from earthquake in Italy continues to rise, at least 267 dead and over 400 injured

The death toll from Wednesday's earthquakein central Italy now stands at 268.

Amid continuous aftershocks and time runningout to find more survivors under the rubble, the country's Prime Minister declared a stateof emergency in the regions worst hit.

Kim Mok-yeon reports.

Amid strong aftershocks, including a magnitude4.

7 tremor on Friday, the number of people killed by a devastating earthquake in centralItaly continues to rise.

Local authorities have reported at least 268people dead, while more than 400 have been injured after a 6.

2 magnitude earthquake practicallyleveled the town of Amatrice, north-east of Rome on Wednesday.

Rescue efforts have been hampered by the ongoingaftershocks, with hopes of finding more survivors fading.

While the death toll is expected to continuerising, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi declared a state of emergency for the affectedregions.

He pledged some 56 million U.


dollars infunds to rebuild communities ravaged by the quake as well as tax exemptions for affectedresidents.


We will probably never be able to completelydry our tears, those who have lost their loved ones certainly will not, but when the memoryof this incident will start to fade, we must be in the front row to underline that thereconstruction of those towns is the priority for Italy, not only for Amatrice but for Italy.

" Renzi said efforts will be put together tocome up with a new model for urban and anti-seismic development amid criticism over the country'sconstruction standards in high risk areas.

Kim Mok-yeon, Arirang News.

Source: Youtube