Second earthquake hits southern Japan; dozens dead

Rescue workers in Japan are facing a dauntingtask after two earthquakes hit the island of Kyushu in little more than 24 hours.

At least 27 people are now known to have died in the quakes and scores are thought to betrapped under collapsed buildings.

Hwang Ji-hye has the details.

Just over aday after the first hit,.

a second, even more powerful earthquake struck the southerncity of Kumamoto early Saturday.

The prefectural office says.

the seven-point-threemagnitude earthquake killed at least 19 people.

and left hundreds more injured.

This brings the death toll from the two earthquakes to at least 29.

as the six-point-five magnitudequake that hit the same region on Thursday night killed ten people.

While the exact number of casualties remains unclear,.

evacuees had another sleeplessnight.

"The night before last, I stayed in the gymnasiumand last night, I was dozing off in the gymnasium when the earthquake happened around midnight.

That the school buildings and the gymnasium, so I have been here since around 1 a.


" "The aftershocks are continuing so I cannoteven begin to think of what's ahead.

" Japanese media reports.

that power was cutfor around 200-thousand homes in the area.

And it's not just power outages.

the damagecovered collapsed bridges, split roads.

and grounded flights.

With rain that could further complicate rescue operations by weakening already flattenedbuildings,.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says.

rescue efforts are at a critical stage.

"We are currently trying to assess the situationas best as we can, and rescue those in need.

" Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary YoshihideSuga says.

nearly 80 people are assumed to be trapped under rubble.

He said extra troops and more medical personnel would be dispatched.

Hwang Ji-hye, Arirang News.

Source: Youtube