Earthquake Safety Tips

The Importance of being prepared for an Earthquake : Safety Tips

We have seen in years that earthquake prone state has California in its top list, besides this many other fault zones are earthquake prone and that to of the United States. Geoglist and seismologist have predicted that there is 97% chance that major earthquake will occur in New Madrid seismic zone of the central United States which includes Missouri, Tennessee and Kentucky, this has been happening recently and it did happened in the year 2035. The states which have frequent earthquakes have caused major damage and have ruined the lives of many and have caused severe injury. One such earthquake prone city was Greater Loss Angeles where earthquake destroyed the normal living pattern completely in year 1994.

Being Prepared for an Earthquake | Earthquake Preparedness & Safety | What to Do

Whenever we have major earthquakes, we hear a thunder or roaring sounds which gets louder and louder. This rolling sensation starts gently and than in a second or two increases making it scary. Sometimes if not this feeling is worst, we first of all get sudden surprise by the violent jolt and after a second or two later, we feel shaking and find it difficult to balance ourselves unable to move from our place. Our movement suddenly stops. Let’s find out a solution, how to survive these major earthquakes which has several times shaken us completely, and the fear of death or end of life, how to prepared for an earthquake.

Prepare for an Earthquake
What should We do before, during, After an earthquake

Well, one of the best solutions is to remove the fear of death, stay calm and being prepared for an earthquake, plan how to save you and your family’s life. We will share with you some practice drills which you and your families should follow, which will reduce the risk of injuries which lies in planning, practicing what to do in such situations . Do not fight and fear for survival, although it’s all in the hand of God Almighty but we humans should be self prepared in advances for such earthquake shakes disaster in our life and be prepared for all ups and downs of life .

Practice Drills which help you during earthquakes:  how to prepare for an earthquake for kids

Put up photo of children in fire drill by practicing and planning out things what to do in case of earthquakes. Whenever earthquakes comes be prepared and Planning how to prepare for an earthquake for kids. Keep your family safe by keeping free space in your house, where you can take shelter. Your house should have empty space to hide. Most of the injuries happen when the building material falls on you or when some heavy hard object falls, you may collapse or even die on spot. Things like iron, wood planks, cabinets etc are few such heavy and hard materials.

Prepare for an Earthquake for kids

Make sure that you and your children are well aware of emergency procedures for any disasters. That will help you in coordinating where, when and how to reunite after the earthquake occurs in your state or country.

During your earthquake drill | Preparing for an Earthquake: What You Can Do to Stay Safe

Its better you lie on the floor when the earthquake occurs. It is a right position for you to protect yourself from falling prey of earthquake. It may help you in getting fewer injuries or even nil.

Her basic safety tips  for an Earthquake for Hide yourself under the table or desk, so that you don’t get direct hit. Take shelter in nearby open space or near interior wall or next to low lying furniture that doesn’t fall on you and quickly cover your head and neck with arms and hands . Stay away from glass frames or furniture’s or any other glass object that could fall on you.

Move with your shelter if the shaking shifts it around and hold on tight to your shelter until earthquakes vibration stops.

Evacuation Plans for Earthquake Safety | Prevention methods  | Earthquake evacuation procedures

It’s important to  Earthquake evacuate damaged area afterwards. Be prepared to and plan and practice evacuation, you will be prepared to respond appropriately and efficiently for major signs of danger. You will also be able to respond to civil authorities in better manner.

Plan your Earthquake evacuation from your home when earthquake happens. Sketch a floor plan, walk through each and every room in your house and discuss the Earthquake evacuation details with your friends.

Plan exit from your home during earthquake; take help of all necessary objects like ladder, rope ladder. Keep a note of things where you have kept necessary items, emergency food, water, first aid kits and fire extinguishers are kept. Mark where all the valves and utility switches are kept so that as and when required you can do the need full. Indicate the locations of your family emergency outdoor meeting places.

Establish Priorities during earthquakes: Importance of being prepared for an earthquake

Earthquake kitsWrite an emergency priority list, by taking out some time from your daily routine including:

  • Important items to be hand-carried by you during earthquake
  • Other items, which are important to you and your family
  • Items which has to be removed by car or truck if one is available

   Things to do if time allows you to do it, such as locking doors and windows, turning off the utilities, etc.

Write Down Important Information prior

Prepare a TO DO LIST and keep all the necessary things in safe place. Few things included in the list are as mentioned below:

  • Keep a note of all the Important telephone numbers, such as police, fire, paramedics, and medical centers
  • Keep record of all the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of your insurance agents, including policy types and numbers
  • Keep the telephone numbers of the electric, gas, and water companies safe at a particular place, note it in dairy.
  • Keep the names and telephone numbers of all your known people, neighbors safe at one place.
  • The names and telephone number of your landlord or property manager should be kept at safe place which you remember when needed.
  • Keep all the important medical details, such as allergies, regular medications, etc.
  • Also keep record of the vehicle identification number, year of purchase , model no , and license number of your automobile, boat, RV, etc.
  • One should also keep their bank’s or credit union’s telephone number, account types safe.
  • Also don’t forget to keep the Radio and television broadcast stations to tune to for emergency broadcast information keep update on Earthquake breaking News

Gather Emergency Supplies prior earthquake disaster occurs | Prepare for an earthquake kit

 Earthquake Emergency kits, first aid kit, survival kits are few important supplies which one should keep with them in case of emergency. Earthquakes have no time, it happens all of certain and all these supplies at home, or workplace can help you if injured. Store emergency water and food as earthquake does disaster and one gets nothing at time of earthquake in one go. The stock of necessary items should be kept stored at safe place at home, workplace from where you can collect it at time of emergency.

Gather and Store Important Documents in a Fire-Proof Safe before earthquake disaster

  • Birth certificates is to be kept safe and at safe place
  • Ownership certificates (automobiles, boats, etc.) is must
  • Social Security cards to be present with you as and when required has to shown to the authority
  • Insurance policies are kept safe
  • Wills
  • Household inventory, including:
  • List of contents to be prepared
  • Photographs of contents of every room to be taken prior
  • Photographs of items of high value, such as jewelry, paintings, collectors’ item to be kept safe