Safety tips for earthquake

Earthquake Safety Tips: How To Survive In An Earthquake

Earthquake in earthquake prone states and countries are very common. It rumbles below the earth crust and the vibrations are observed on the surface every day, if major than it can cause disaster and if minor it shakes us inside. But luckily major earthquakes are less common, thanks to almighty. Few  Earthquake Safety Tips be taken once we feel the shake moving us completely.

Safety Tips to take during earthquake shake:

Earthquake Safety Tips

Prepare an Earthquake readiness plan

You need to consult a professional to protect yourself and your property from earthquake disaster. Some necessary steps  to be taken like putting up strong lashes on the cupboards, strapping all the items properly to wall studs like water heater, bolting bookcases to wall studs.

Keeping an empty or vacant space in your house, where you can take shelter during earthquake so that nothing heavy falls on you and you have injuries on safer side. Protect yourself by making prior arrangements. Keep a food supply ready especially canned food as it lasts longer and one can use it in case of emergency.

Also keep First Aid kid ready , three gallons of water ready for one person , make arrangements for dust masks , googles and working radio which are battery operated and also battery operated flash light in case your house lights get blown away . Learn few things like how to turnoff gas and water mains when you are alone at home.

If Shaking Begins :

  • In case you feel earthquake lay down and hide yourself under the desk or table and hold on for some time till the shake stops.
  • Stay in your house and look for open space to take shelter till the earthquake shake are over and you feel safe to move out for exit.
  • Completely stay away from bookcases or furniture that can fall on you and cause injury.
  • One needs to stay away from glass windows. Especially in case of huge glass buildings, expect the fire alarms and sprinklers to go off during earthquakes.
  • If you sleep and feel sudden shake hold on to the bed and cover your head with the pillow or move down under the bed
  • If you are outside and you feel the earthquake, rush to clear space or ground away from trees, buildings, power lines and lie on the ground so that you don’t fall.
  • Slow down your vehicles in case you are driving and you feel the shake and drive the vehicle to clear place or area. Be in the car till the shaking is over.


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Do not panic, when you panic, you lose your state of mind and can harm yourself more. So the best solution to the problem and which one faces during earthquake is to be calm and positive and maintain your mental balance and follow all the Safety Earthquake tips which we have shared with you. We value your life and hope to see you safe and protected from the earthquake disasters. Be safe with us.

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