Aerial footage shows devastating China earthquake destruction

This aerial footage shows the large numbersof collapsed buildings in the Yunnan Province of China, after a 6.

3 earthquake hit on Sunday.

After the earthquake killed at least 381 peopleand left 1,801 injured, rescue workers and local residents have been searching throughdebris.

Many people rushed out of buildings into thestreets after the quake hit, electricity supplies were cut and at least one school collapsed.

More than 12,000 houses were also destroyedand 30,000 more were damaged.

A team of about 100 more rescuers boardeda plane to join ground operations on Monday, part of a 6,000 strong rescue and relief operation.

Heavy rain has since been forecast for thecoming days, adding to the misery of residents and rescuers.

The epicentre was in Longtoushan town in Yunnan'smountainous Ludian county, home to some 265,900 people.

Source: Youtube