Most Unbelievable footage of Japanese Tsunami in 2011(English subtitles)

Tsunami warning has been announced in the coastal now Iwate Prefecture Dad, did you tide our boat firmly? It is expected to more than 3 meters of tsunami in a high place.

For people near the coast area, please evacuate to high hills or shelters immediately.

It is expected to over 3 meter of the tsunami.

Tsunami is coming! Tsunami has been coming up the sea.

Wow, here it is! What should I do・・・ End it.

Since the massive tsunami has been coming, please note.

The massive tsunami has been coming! Please note.

Please evacuate, immediately.

Tsunami is beyond the large breakwater.

Oh wow wow, it has exceeded all.

That's incredible It seems hell.

It is hell.

Tsunami has been coming! Get out.

Oh my god! Flowed the home of those Oh my god.


It's hell on earth.

Wow, tsunami has exceeded the dike! We've lost everything.

Hell, here is like a hell.

Escape! Dangerous! Wonder if here also collapse? It's tje end all.

Escape! Tsunami is also to attack.

Wow, amaging.

Tsunami has been beyond the embankment again.

Wow what the hell it is・・・.

Source: Youtube