Earthquakes today: Prepare for earthquakes today

Earthquakes Today Earthquakes today Di-Did you feel that? I think it�s too late to warn you anyhow

Stayed tuned I�m gonna give you the three things you have to know about earthquakes, that can keep you safe or maybe even save some lives! Welcome to survival food, the channel that educates, informs and helps you get prepared Hi, I�m JR Fisher with survival cave food

com Yep, earthquakes today, they can and do happen As a matter of fact, I think it�s earthquake season now! Seriously folks, you need to know about earthquakes no matter where you live, they happen everywhere Ok, let�s look at that list now Pick a safe place to meet

It�s very important that you do that Practice drop, cover and hold on You�ll wanna brace any heavy pictures, chandeliers, and please no pictures over your bed And keep sturdy shoes and a flashlight by your bed side Oh no! An earthquake just happened, now what do you do? Ok, if you�re in bed, you wanna stay there and cover your head with pillows

If not, drop, cover and hold on! Make sure you stay away from windows to prevent being cut by broken glass Hey, keep in mind that fire alarms and sprinklers will often go off in an earthquake even if there�s not a fire If you find yourself in your car during an earthquake, try to pull over to a clear location You�ll wanna stay away from bridges and overpasses, and if a power line lands on your car don�t get out, wait for assistance And lastly, it�s important to remember that even if the earthquake�s over with, there still can be aftershocks

Oh no, not again Each time you feel one drop, cover and hold on Hey, they can occur minutes, days, weeks or even months after that earthquake When you finally think it�s safe, check for fires, they often happen after a strong earthquake Want more information? Click this link right here

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>>>Out Takes <BEEP> There�s another, and practice � <BEEP> No, no, ok <BEEP> �quake, even if there�s no fire, or � other stuff that would cause them to go off <BEEP> (Laughing)(Laughing)