First News Today – Italy earthquake & Child anxiety

Hello I'm Angela Barnes from Sky News with First News Today on Monday the 31st of October U

S ELECTION The democratic leader in the US Senate says the head of the FBI may have broken the law by revealing it was investigating emails possibly linked to Hillary Clinton Harry Reid accused FBI director James Comey of violating an act which bars officials from influencing an election News of the FBI inquiry comes less than two weeks before the US election Opinion polls show Hillary Clinton's lead against Donald Trump is tightening, putting her only slightly in the lead

ITALY EARTHQUAKE Italy's Prime Minister has promised to rebuild all of the homes and churches destroyed by the latest earthquake to hit the country 20 people have been injured in the country's most powerful quake in 36 years It is the fourth to hit the region in recent months CHILD ANXIETY There's been a sharp rise in the number of children contacting the NSPCC with anxiety New data shows a thirty-five percent increase in the number of children and young people being counseled by Childline in the last year

Anxiety was caused by both personal and family issues and by concerns about world affairs including the EU referendum the US election and troubles in the Middle East PANDA ENCOUNTER Zoo surveillance video has caught a man sneaking into a Panda enclosure in China He was apparently trying to impress a group of friends The animal pulled him to the ground after being taunted by the man

He then pulled himself away and escaped uninjured