Indonesia Earthquake claims 102 lives

The death toll in quake-ravaged Aceh provincein Indonesia has topped the one hundred mark.

And, it doesn't seem rescue efforts are goingsmoothly, either.

Kim Jungsoo has the latest.

The magnitude six-point-five earthquake thathit Indonesia's Aceh province early Wednesday has claimed the lives of at least 102 peopleso far.

According to Indonesia's National DisasterMitigation Agency, the latest quake caused more than 200 buildings to collapse, whichincludes homes, shops and mosques.

At least 136 people have suffered severe injuries,with 600 more sustaining minor injuries.

The agency also said more than 8-thousanddisplaced people are now residing in several shelters in the area.

According to various reports, hundreds arestill estimated to be buried beneath the rubble, but rescue efforts by local and internationalagencies such as the Red Cross are being repeatedly hampered by aftershocks as strong as magnitudefive-point-oh, as well as rain and power outages.

Despite the magnitude of the damage, the quakedidn't trigger any tsunami warning or advisories.

The government, meanwhile, has declared atwo-week state of emergency in Aceh, with Indonesian President Joko Widodo reportedlyordering immediate assistance to be sent to the province.

Indonesia is no stranger to earthquakes.

As it is situated along the infamous Ring of Fire.

Wednesday's quake is the second of its kindto hit the country this year.

In March, a magnitude seven-point-eight quakestruck off the southwestern coast of Sumatra, but no casualties were reported.

Aceh province also happens to be the sameregion that was hit by a powerful tsunami in 2004, which killed more than 160-thousandpeople and left millions homeless.

Kim Jung-soo, Arirang News.

Source: Youtube