Italy Earthquake Today

allright jake phelps here as you can see on your screen there was a horrible earthquake that hit central italy it happened at around one ten eastern time and it was a big one at first it said it was a five point five but in reality it its more like a five point two after the later specs came in from the ground shaking equipment and it its not good its said to be equal to the one we had earlier this year and that is not good there expecting incredable casaluties it shook rome which is like a hundred miles south of it its really not looking good for the people affected and the people who reside in and around that area so at this time until they can get some people in there thats about everything i know thru doing some extensive research and really really diving into this thing so hopefully this cataclism is hopefully it comes out as good as possible with the circumstances that mother nature has presented here thanks for watching please like this video subscribe and share