Mexico earthquake: All kids accounted for in collapsed school

the Mexican officials saying that all of the children are counted for either they were killed when the earthquake happened they're saying 19 kids were killed there 11 were pulled out the others that were in the hospital have all been accounted for they're with their families their family knows where they are so they don't have any missing or kids who are unaccounted for they believe that they may have an adult who is buried beneath the rubble still either a teacher or somebody else who was at the school they are trying to get to that person same way through two different ways now one from the roof and one from the side trying to get down to that person and get them assistance I want to show you though that the frenetic activity going on here right now these are very very large very heavy pieces of Steel that they're proving in to the area they need to shore up right now they've been moving steel beams lots of wood but the the steel is new very large steel beams that they're moving in there it is precarious work back there it is like trying to prop up a boulder with a bunch of toothpicks basically there was one part of the building that did collapse as they were working on it in the last 24 hours so they are going very very slow literally brick by brick handful of earth by handful of earth they're handing it off to align a human chain of people who are then taking it to a central location so it is slow methodical and difficult and hopefully it will result in somebody coming out of this alive

Source: Youtube